Colours in the Interior – Their Meaning and How They Can Affect Our Mood – First part

Colours in the Interior – Their Meaning and How They Can Affect Our Mood – First part


When you begin to feel like you lack motivation for taking that next step, compose yourself and feel empowered by reading a good book while relaxing on the Colloco sofa. Blue and gold have always made a perfect match – they transcend good vibes of peace, understanding, and truth. They represent our force field; they guide us towards spiritual fields of existence and are a constant source of inspiration. Just like the Colloco sofa, upholstered in royal blue velvet. Another endless fountain of inspiration is the carpet, which was made by the company Regeneracija from Zabok.



The universal colour of love, largely favored by those who have an eye for harmony and beauty. The colour, the object, the feeling – when all of these notions are pink, they make a great combination of potential for completeness and the realization of that potential. Our response to this energy exuded by the colour pink came to life when Karim Rashid designed the Kube coffee table. Some experts claim that such a deep shade of pink can even neutralize disarray and violence. Pink creates a sense of care, tenderness, self-esteem, and acceptance. The Kube coffee table has got a secret compartment underneath the top panel where you can hide all of your trinkets, magazines, drinks, glasses, and feelings…





This colour can be found in the middle of the visible spectrum, between yellow and blue – it is the colour of centeredness, midpoint and harmony. It symbolizes the interconnectivity between the physical and the spiritual aspect and represents the center used for both giving and receiving love. Green is the colour of wholeness, forgiveness, letting go of the old and accepting the new – quite appropriate for the beginning of the year 2021! The green velvet Gemma armchair is an accurate representation of everything that green has to offer…




The colour orange, a transient colour between red and yellow, is a great expression of female creative energy. We often call it the colour of happiness and joy which enables us to create a balance between the mind and the body. It is the colour of creation, of expressing our thoughts and feelings in order for our being to function in a more cheerful way. Did you know that the vibe of the colour orange has the ability to change our biochemical structure, which results in the dispersion of depressive thoughts? This is why we have decided to upholster the Krate sofa in orange and bring an added sense of creativity and cheerfulness into the world.