FSC® - The Forest Stewardship Council - ERA
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FSC® – The Forest Stewardship Council

FSC® – The Forest Stewardship Council  is an independent international body which gives organizations permission to issue FSC certificates. FSC® certification means that the forest is managed according to strict environmental, social and economic standards. This certification is a great honour and international recognition of the forest management method within “Hrvatske šume” which takes place in accordance with strict criteria. Furthermore, the fact that “Hrvatske šume” can market all their products as FSC® certified is of paramount importance for the Croatian wood industry, since most of its raw material comes from this source. Through good forest management according to FSC® criteria, we permanently prove the correctness of our profession, further legitimizing it before the general public.
For wood product buyers, the protected FSC® logo means that the product they are purchasing is not manufactured by sacrificing forests, and that in the consumer process it did not contribute to the ruthless exploitation of forest resources.

FSC® certificate ERA