GREEN MARK – sign of excellence - ERA
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GREEN MARK – sign of excellence

GREEN MARK – sign of excellence is the leading Croatian designation for excellence in the green economy, which is awarded for services and products with an extremely prominent component of sustainability. The designation may be awarded for the overall operations of the legal entity or for individual brands.
The Green Mark is the result of the work of Croatian experts. It is crucial to point out that the greatest interest in acquiring the right to use and display the mark comes from companies whose principal activity is in the field of the manufacturing industry. This is an indication that the Croatian industrial companies want to emphasize their comparative advantage – the application of the highest standards of energy efficiency and environmental protection – whether in the production process itself or the products and technologies they market.
The GREEN MARK is a valuable recognition and indisputable confirmation of the ecological and comprehensively sustainable direction in which they are heading.

GREEN MARK – prezentacija