Era eco label

We have thought outside the commonly given framework, started from “before the beginning,” added an ethical component and shaped the Croatian eco furniture standard and established the ERA eco-label. We have covered the question of the purpose and possibilities of design by providing training for designers, by defining certain parameters, for example, the type of wood; “limitations” (or rather privileges) are given for Croatian manufacturers, workers’ rights protected in the manufacturing process, the rights of authors guaranteed and placed where they deserve to be, which has not been the case so far. In addition, we have carefully studied all the European directives on consumer protection and product safety, and included then in text of the Standard. It’s difficult to say that the Standard is an innovation – we have just gone back to the origins – put things where they need to be because many values have been lost over the years. We are the among the brave few who do not promote consumer society nor the fascination with artificial and cheap materials with ultra-short life cycles and of dubious origin. It could not be simpler – furniture that lasts one hundred years – certainly cannot be a fake. Furniture that can be completely recycled and returned to nature – presents us with an answer for survival – sustainable, responsible and ethical. Sufficiently backed up for us to feel as stakeholders of those who live properly. Sufficiently different to become part of the space in which we live. Each of our products proudly carries the stamp of excellence and sustainability, the “ERA eco label”.