Chers Messieurs,

Nous avons ouvert pour vous un nouvel endroit où tous les sens pourront en profiter! Le concept store ERA du centre commercial Westgate sur plus de 600 m2 fournit une gamme d’informations sur les types de mobilier de notre offre et facilite le shopping.

Karim Rashid

Era Special Mention Award

Simone Micheli

Different suits for different people

Design for Everyone

Bernardo Bernardi


ERA eco label

Croatian product

Furniture designed by
local designers, produced
exclusively in Croatia.

High quality

Respecting the product’s life cycle,
the goal is to minimize the environmental
burden in all phases of creation,

development, use and recycling.

Quality guaranteed

High quality furniture with a long
warranty period. Emphasis on
wood, its smell and 
colour without chemicals.

All wooden products are made from FSCⓇ certified wood.