I see fire

Do not blindly follow trends rather than bring them, introduce, if you want to impose. By listening to the direction of market expectations, show the “outside the box” option. That’s exactly what ERA’s in Mimara showed her choice: she was totally unexpectedly connected to incompatible: furniture, art, dance, architecture, nature, light and sound.

The collection of “Naive wood by ERA” has been a part of the whole team’s obsession for several months because it is very demanding, easy to point in the wrong direction and requires constant attention when designing. Therefore, the ERI is particularly proud of new desks, lamps, hangers, furniture that, besides the story of eco-design, also speaks of love for accepting natural forms.

The second Line ’18 collection is made up of furniture signed by local designers, including Mirko Miličić, and is particularly well suited to Naive Woods products. Lounge Armchairs, Club Closets, New Closets – Domestic and Foreign Market These products will get the right leader who is ready to dictate trends, not just in shapes and colors but also in the types of wood used.